Patriots linebacker Haytawa looks forward to playing against Brady in the fourth week

2020 is the first season for the Patriots in many years without quarterback Tom Brady. However, linebacker Dont’a Hightower did not participate in the battle due to the new crown epidemic.

The Patriots, who lacked a core on both ends of the offense and defense, had a 7-9 record last season and missed the playoffs for the first time since 2008. Hetawa, who returned to the team, hopes to use actions to help the team rebound, and is also looking forward to meeting with old friends in the fourth week.

“It would be great to be able to meet with No. 12 again.” Haitava said in an interview, “I have always played against him in training and I am looking forward to actually playing against him on the court.”

When asked if he would be merciful when sacking, Haitava said: “You mean’gentle sacking’? That can’t, you can’t do this to him, he is always trying to send touchdowns… …This is a football game, and I’m sure he won’t think about it either.”

On the other hand, Haytawa did not regret the decision not to participate in the competition last year: “My main goal at the time was to take care of my family. I also think that I made the right decision. Even if I make a choice again, I still Will make the same decision.”

James Connor is optimistic about the strength of the Cardinals’ running back lineup

Running back James Conner (James Conner) previously played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and had some brilliant results in three years. He joined the Arizona Cardinals this offseason and will contribute to the Cardinals’ ground offense with Chase Edmonds.

In a recent interview, Connor praised his teammate Edmonds for his ability to rush and catch the ball, saying that the combination of the two should not be underestimated.

“I think the two of us can be one of the best (combinations) in the league.” Connor said, “He has been waiting for an opportunity… to show more opportunities. I know he is eager to show his ability, and so am I. The two of us plus K-1 (quarterback Kyler Murray), outside offensive weapons, inside strikers, tackles, everyone together. Opportunities await us. Chase and I will help each other to keep the offense go ahead.”

Connor’s performance with the Steelers last season has declined compared to before, 169 rushing for 721 yards and 6 touchdowns. Edmunds proved his explosive power and durability last year.

The Cardinals did not choose a running back in this year’s draft. They chose to trust the combination of Edmunds and Connor.

Tight end Kelsey was not happy with the Chiefs last season

Travis Kelce had an impressive record last season, catching 105 times, advancing 1,416 yards to set a league record, and 11 touchdowns at the same time-these three statistics are all career bests.

Although Kelsey became the first close end to receive over 1,000 yards in five consecutive seasons, he and the Chiefs failed to defend their title and lost the Lombardi Cup to the Buccaneers led by Tom Brady.

It is precisely because of this unsatisfactory ending that Kelsey was dissatisfied with last season’s performance: “It’s meaningless not to get the ring. If I can already sit on the sofa and appreciate the young people chasing records, then these cheers and The applause may be good. But now, these have no meaning. To be honest, last year was a failure for me. That’s it. This is what I think in my heart. I am this kind of player, if we fail to win the Super Bowl, this The season is not a success.”

Fortunately, the chiefs still have enough strength to compete for the title. Although Kelsey’s standards are very strict, if the Chiefs’ current core lineup is stable, winning the championship again is not a fool.

Brady and Mahomes will appear on the cover of Madden’s new work

The last time we met, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes competed for the Lombardi Cup in the Super Bowl. Now, the two will be on the cover of the latest “Madden Rugby” together.

Mahomes told ESPN reporters: “The first time to be on the cover is unique, and it is even more important to be on the cover for the second time-or with Tom Brady, who is the number one player in history. Unique. I am also honored to be back on the cover so soon after being on the cover for the first time.”

Mahomes first appeared on the cover at Madden 20, and Brady’s first cover came from Madden 18. The previous Madden 10 also used a double cover, and the players were Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu.

Brady said: “Think about it now. 30 years and 25 years have passed since the mid-90s. I can stand alongside another outstanding NFL player on the cover of Madden…. It’s really cool, for me. It’s a great honor. Patrick’s career can be said to be unique.”

Taelan Matthew wants to play for the Chiefs until retirement

In an interview on Thursday, US time, Chiefs security guard Tyrann Mathieu (Tyrann Mathieu) said that his current priority is to play for the Chiefs until the end of his career.

Matthew said: “This is all I want. I think I can play anywhere, but when I develop good relationships with people here, they become part of my life.”

Matthew joined the Chiefs in 2019 and is an indispensable member of the Chiefs to win the 50th Super Bowl. Earlier, Matthew mentioned his good relationship with four coaches including Andy Reid: “They are all important to me. I can’t imagine myself abandoning these relationships. I have experienced too much in my life. Many, so being able to maintain a certain friendship is more important than money.”

Matthew had previously expressed a negative attitude towards the contract renewal on social media, but all this disappeared again on Thursday.

“I look forward to continuing to be a member of the Chiefs, helping young second-tier and wide receivers grow, and helping anyone I can help…. I can’t imagine myself wearing other jerseys. The fans here are great, and my teammates It’s great. You’ve heard me tell you about the relationship between the coach and me. These things can’t be bought anywhere else. I used to have to’restart’ many times, but I’m willing to stay here forever.”