Colts linebacker Leonard is expected to renew his $19 million contract with the team

On Wednesday, US time, according to ESPN reporters, Colts linebacker Darius Leonard is close to renewing his contract with the team. The contract is expected to be four years and the average annual salary will exceed 19 million US nfl shop cheap jerseys.

This number will also surpass the 49-man linebacker Fred Warner who renewed the same day, becoming the highest paid linebacker. Warner’s new contract is $95 million for five years and an annual salary of $19 million.

According to NFL Network reporters, Leonard’s agent is discussing with Pony, and he intends to wait until Warner’s signing is completed before starting to further promote the conversation.

Leonard is an all-rounder in the Colts nfl shop cheap jerseys lineup. He can stop opponents after the pilling line, and can also rush forward to put pressure on the quarterback when needed. In 42 regular season games in his career, Leonard completed a total of 416 tackles and 15 sacks.

Rams running back Ax tears Achilles tendon, reimbursed for season

US time on Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, the Rams second-year running back Cam Akers suffered an Achilles tendon injury and will miss the entire 2021 season.

Axe would have been the core of the Rams’ offense on the ground this season. He performed well in his rookie year and averaged 113.1 yards per game in the last seven games (including the playoffs).

Rams coach Sean McVay expressed regret for this, because Axe “does not make mistakes and customized nfl jerseys cheap very hard.” As for the replacement of Aix, McVeigh said that he would first choose from the Rams’ existing staff.

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The current running back lineup of the Rams includes Darrell Henderson Jr., Xavier Jones and others. Veteran running backs in the free market may also become emergency candidates. At present, Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore, LeSean McCoy, Levion- Le’Veon Bell and Todd Gurley are still customized nfl jerseys cheap.

Axe played 13 regular season games for the Rams last season, rushing for 625 yards, 2 touchdowns, and also completed 11 catches, 123 yards and 1 touchdown.

The Steelers signs with passer Melvin Ingram for one year

On Monday, US time, according to NFL Network reporters, the Steelers officially signed a one-year contract with passer Melvin Ingram.

After Bud Dupree left the team for the Titans, the Steelers needed Ingram to fill the vacancy.

Ingram told reporters: “I have talked with coach Mike Tomlin before. I can see that he is a coach who cares about the players. I am very impressed. He wants to win, and I have this intention .”

“He just told me to join in and be yourself. Everyone knows my playing style.” cheap nike nfl jerseys

Ingram will compete with the second-year outside linebacker Alex Highsmith for the starting position, and T.J. Watt has already taken the starting position on the other side. At present, in addition to these two players, the steelers’ main outside linebackers are only Cassius Marsh (Cassius Marsh) and sixth-round pick Quincy Roche (Quincy Roche).

Ingram played for the Lightning for 9 years, completed 49 sacks, ranked 4th in team history, and was selected to the Pro Bowl in the three consecutive seasons of 2017-2019.

Tom Brady finishes the 2020 season with a knee injury

On Friday morning, US time, according to the Tampa Bay Times, the Vikings quarterback Tom Brady played with an injury throughout the 2020 season. The injury was a torn medial collateral ligament in his left knee.

Brady was still playing for the Patriots when he was injured. According to reports, his injury gradually deteriorated last season. But Brady has never been on the Pirates’ weekly injury report, and he did not undergo knee surgery until after the Super Bowl victory in February this year.

Brady’s left knee was also injured in the 2008 season. He tore the ACL in the regular season opener.

The Buccaneers quarterback coach Clyde Christensen said in an interview last month: “I don’t think he was 100% healthy last year. What he said was to the effect:’Hey, I The knee has to be healed so that I will be better next season and you will be very happy.'”

Brady passed the ball for 4,633 yards and 40 touchdowns last season, leading the Pirates to the playoffs with a record of 11 wins and 5 losses, and beat the Chiefs 31-9 in the Super Bowl.

Panthers and offensive tackle Taylor Morton extend contract for 4 years

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US time on Thursday, according to ESPN reporters, the Panthers and offensive tackle Taylor Moton (Taylor Moton) renewed their contract for 4 years, with a total salary of 72 million U.S. dollars, of which 43 million U.S. dollars became a guaranteed amount after the signing. youth nfl jerseys cheap

Four in the afternoon Eastern Time was the deadline for renewing the contract with the label players, and the Panthers rushed to finalize the contract before then.

Morton is the fourth label player to successfully renew this year. The top three are Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and Giants defensive forward member Leonard Williams (Leonard Williams). Williams) and Mustang safety guard Justin Simmons (Justin Simmons).

Morton became the team’s starting right tackle in 2018 and played for the Panthers in all competitions in the past three years. His new contract has an annual salary of $18 million, putting him tied for second place in the ranking of right tackles with Lane Johnson cheap nfl jerseys paypal.

Panthers coach Matt Rhule said: “He is a very good player, with an excellent professional attitude, and his character is nothing to say. He is a model player in our hearts.”