Security guard Harrison Smith wants to stay with the Vikings

Harrison Smith (Harrison Smith) has been playing for the Vikings throughout his career, and he also hopes to stay on the team for the tenth season.

Smith said: “This fact (the tenth season) sometimes makes me surprised, because I have just been trying to contribute to the team and get better, and time slips away unknowingly during this period. Sometimes I I think I’ve only been Wholesale nfl jerseys for two or three years, but sometimes I find that “I’m older than most people,” and these two feelings alternate.”

Smith’s previous five-year contract renewed in 2016 is about to enter its final year, with a base salary of $9.85 million, occupying $10.232 million in salary space. The Vikings already have enough salary space, so they are not eager to reduce Smith’s space by renewing their contracts.

“I don’t have a definitive answer yet, but I have been here for almost 10 years, and I am very happy to continue to stay on the team in the future.” Smith said when talking about the future, “To consider these and what we can do, now is That’s it.”

Smith is still one of the best security guards in the league. He can prevent far-reaching passes and can also attack the pilling line to prevent running when necessary. The versatility makes Smith one of the important Mens NFL Jerseys of the Vikings defensive team.

Giants tight end Rudolph: lucky to find foot injuries in time

Due to some accidents during the medical Cheap NFL Jerseys, the signing of the close end Kyle Rudolph with the Giants had to be postponed.

After Rudolph and Giant reached an agreement on a two-year contract, Doctor Giant discovered a hidden concern during the physical examination. The results showed that Rudolph had a foot injury that required surgery, which also caused the parties to suspend the contract-related process. However, after Rudolph successfully accepted the operation, the contract was finally successfully signed.

Rudolf said: “I’m very lucky for the giants and related personnel to be able to (find the injury in time), and they handled it very professionally. I will not miss any football games because of this. What I have to do now is to make good use of every day. Not only to return to health, but also to improve yourself.”

Before undergoing the medical examination, Rudolph himself was not aware of his foot problems. Being able to discover the problem and undergo surgery in March gave Rudolph valuable recovery time, freeing him from the risk of missing precious training time.

Rudolph has previously played for the Vikings, completing 453 catches in his career, advancing 4448 yards, and 48 touchdowns.

Cardinals wide receiver Cork: ready to compete for the championship

The Cardinals have fully reinforced the roster in this off-season, indirectly showing their determination to compete for the highest honor.

In addition to signing veterans JJ Watt, AJ Green, Malcolm Butler and James Conner, the Cardinals also traded for Rodney Ha Rodney Hudson strengthened the offensive line and selected the “plug and play” linebacker Zaven Collins (Zaven Collins) in the first round.

Cardinals wide receiver Christian Kirk said: “We finally have everything we need to start fighting for playoff seats and championships. At least I know the goals of everyone in the locker room are not lower than this. We are. Know what opportunities we have, and we need to be better…. This year we have young core members who have seen the ups and downs of the team…. We already have the right members and leaders Come and hit the Cheap China NFL Jersey.”

In the two seasons after coach Kliff Kingsbury took office, the Cardinals’ records were 5-10-1 and 8-8. But the end of the 2020 season (2-5) is unsatisfactory.

Cork’s rookie contract is about to enter the final year, he still needs to fight for more opportunities in the offensive group. Last season, Cork completed 48 catches, advanced 621 yards, and 6 touchdowns.