Brady and Mahomes will appear on the cover of Madden’s new work

The last time we met, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes competed for the Lombardi Cup in the Super Bowl. Now, the two will be on the cover of the latest “Madden Rugby” together.

Mahomes told ESPN reporters: “The first time to be on the cover is unique, and it is even more important to be on the cover for the second time-or with Tom Brady, who is the number one player in history. Unique. I am also honored to be back on the cover so soon after being on the cover for the first time.”

Mahomes first appeared on the cover at Madden 20, and Brady’s first cover came from Madden 18. The previous Madden 10 also used a double cover, and the players were Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu.

Brady said: “Think about it now. 30 years and 25 years have passed since the mid-90s. I can stand alongside another outstanding NFL player on the cover of Madden…. It’s really cool, for me. It’s a great honor. Patrick’s career can be said to be unique.”