Broncos Jerseys sign veteran running back Melvin Gordon to one-year deal

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US time on Tuesday night, veteran running back Melvin Gordon (Melvin Gordon III) signed a one-year contract with the Broncos to continue playing for Denver.

Gordon is also the third free agent in recent weeks to re-sign with the Broncos to a short one-year deal, following safety Kareem Jackson and defensive tackle Deshaun Williams. DeShawn Williams).

The Broncos will maintain the same running back lineup as last season: Javonte Williams, Gordon and Mike Boone. Williams, the Broncos’ 2021 second-round pick who was named to the league’s rookie All-Star team last season, also said he is looking forward to Gordon’s return.

“I talked to Mel recently and found out how he’s doing,” Williams said. “I’m ready for whatever needs to be done. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sharing the rushing task or being the starter. I Just trying to win the Super Bowl.”

Gordon and Williams each rushed the ball 203 times this season, with Gordon advancing for 918 yards and Williams advancing for 903 yards. In seven years of his career, Gordon rushed for 6,144 yards and 53 touchdowns, and also completed 284 catches for 2,244 yards and 14 touchdowns.