Bears sign quarterback Trevor Simeon

US time Friday, according to NFL Network reporters. Quarterback Trevor Siemian will sign a two-year contract with the Bears for a total salary of $4 million, including a $1 million incentive bonus clause.

Simeon will serve as a backup for Justin Fields in the Bears, which could further reduce Nick Foles’ retention. Foles has one year left on his contract and will take up $10.66 million in cap space.

According to reports, the Bears have and will continue to try to trade Foles. Foles, who has played for the Bears the past two seasons, shared the starting responsibilities with Mitchell Trubisky in 2020. Last year, the Bears put more emphasis on Fields and Andy Dalton, and Foles started just one game.

Simeon was a seventh-round pick by the Broncos in 2015 and started 29 games in his career. A seasoned veteran who can also point the way for Fields.

Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry wants to stay

Brown wide receiver Jarvis Landry tweeted on Tuesday that he “would like to stay in Cleveland.” But if he doesn’t get his wish, he also “has the confidence to contribute to other teams and fight for the championship.”

Landry missed several games due to injury in 2021. In the end, he participated in 12 games and completed 52 catches for 570 yards and only 2 touchdowns.

“I’m recovering from a serious injury and coming back in top shape. I sprained the medial collateral ligament in the second week of last season, partially torn my quadriceps, and had a bone contusion,” Landry wrote. “But Then I played the whole season with an injury in order to come back. I never complained.”

Landry signed a five-year, $75.5 million contract with Brown in 2018, and next season will be his final year. He is currently expected to take up $16.379 million in cap space, but his $14.3 million base salary is not guaranteed. If Brown wants to cut him, don’t worry too much about dead money.

Brown quarterback Mayfield will undergo shoulder surgery

US time on Tuesday, ESPN reporters reported that Brown quarterback Baker Mayfield (Baker Mayfield) will not play next week’s game against the Tigers. He will undergo surgery as soon as possible to repair the sprained lip joint of his left shoulder.

Brown coach Kevin Stefanski (Kevin Stefanski) said that the operation will be performed as soon as this week. Mayfield still has the opportunity to participate in the off-season training program.

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Mayfield has been suffering from a shoulder injury since the second week and admitted that he was in poor condition after losing to the Steelers. He was sacked and killed a total of 9 times in the game.

Brown, with a current record of 7-9, has determined that he missed the playoffs, while the Tigers have locked in the top spot in the North Division of the American League. Stefansky also admitted that a shoulder injury affected Mayfield’s performance, but did not regret his decision to play with the injury.

“In this process, we have been trying to make the right decision based on the existing information.” Stefansky said, “We have been communicating with medical staff, communicating with Baker, but also based on these beliefs that he can play.”

Brown previously implemented Mayfield’s fifth-year contract option, and his contract will expire after the end of the 2022 season.

Mustang renews contract with wide receiver Kirtland Sutton

After the bye week, the Mustang and a key member of the offensive team completed the contract renewal.

US time on Monday, according to ESPN reporters, the Mustang and wide receiver Courtland Sutton (Courtland Sutton) renewed their contract for four years, with a salary of $60.8 million.

Sutton was originally going to be a free agent after the end of the season. Now his new contract includes a security deposit of 34.9 million U.S. dollars, and 18 million U.S. dollars will be paid in the first year of the new contract.

The 26-year-old Sutton played only two games last season and was later reimbursed for a torn ACL in his knee. He returned strongly this season, and currently ranks first in the team in the number of passes (43) and the number of push yards (617). This is not the only wide receiver that the Mustangs have recently renewed. In the past weekend, they renewed their contract with Tim Patrick for three years.

Since March this year, the Mustangs have renewed contracts with safety guard Justin Simmons, defensive end Shelby Harris, Patrick, Sutton and others.