Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson undergoes shoulder surgery

Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson underwent successful surgery to repair a torn shoulder and labial joint, ESPN reported on Sunday.

The sophomore linebacker was injured in a Week 13 loss to the Chargers last season, and he missed the next three games, but returned in Week 17 to help the Bengals secure a playoff berth and the National North title.

Wilson contributed 39 tackles during the playoffs. He stole a pass in the Bengals’ playoff game against the Titans, setting the stage for a free-kick win. But in the Super Bowl, he was also the player who was whistled for pulling Cooper Kupp.

Wilson started 13 games in 2021 and completed 100 tackles, one forced fumble and four interceptions.

Veteran running back Peterson: Hope to continue playing

After speaking with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, Adrian Peterson started thinking about retiring as a coach. But for now, the 36-year-old running back still wants to keep running on the court.

Peterson joined the Seahawks training lineup in December but suffered a back injury after a game and was placed on injured reserve. The Seahawks were already out of the playoffs when they signed Peterson, but they thought the veteran would benefit the young running back. Teenager Rashaad Penny’s stellar performance after Peterson’s arrival seemed to prove that point.

Penny rushed for 671 yards in the last five games, leading the league in the same period, and also completed 6 touchdowns. He also said that watching Peterson and learning from his experience was helpful.

In the game for the Seahawks, Peterson finished with a touchdown, tied with Jim Brown for the league’s most touchdowns. Peterson currently rushes for 14,918 yards in his career, ranking fifth in league history.

Rams running back Cam Acres returns to training

On Thursday, U.S. time, Rams running back Cam Akers returned to team training, declaring that his Achilles tendon tear was basically fully recovered.

The Rams opened the 21-day return window for Aix on Thursday. Axe was the Rams’ number one running back last season, but was injured in a private training session in July this year. Originally, Aix expected to miss the entire season, but his recovery process was faster than expected, which was able to return at the end of the season. The remaining three opponents of the Rams are the Vikings, the Ravens and the 49ers.

Although it was only in the second half of the game that he started to get a steady chance to play, Aix still contributed 625 rushing yards for the 2020 season. The Rams’ number one running back this season is Darrell Henderson, who rushed for 671 yards and 5 touchdowns. Sony Michel also contributed 597 rushing yards, of which 292 yards came from the past three games.

In addition, defensive guard Juju Hughes, Antoine Brooks and Jake Gervase will also return from the new crown reserve list.