Cowboys running back Elliott targets to reduce ball conversion errors

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Ezekiel Elliott does not want to repeat the performance of the 2020 season.

In order to reduce the various mistakes that occurred last season, Elliott focused on maintaining his physique off-season, reducing his weight to 218 pounds in order to improve speed, which is ten pounds lower than the data currently recorded on the NFL official website.

Another training goal of the off-season is to improve the protection of the ball. Elliott dropped a total of 6 goals last season, unfortunately “up” this data to a career high.

Elliott said: “The first one is not to drop the ball. I have never been a professional drop ball. You carry the hope of the team, the club and the fans when you drive the ball. Give the opportunity to another team. The team’s words are to disappoint everyone. So I think this is the number one, and my focus this year is to protect the ball.”

If Elliott can ensure his current physique and achieve his training goals, he must also help the cowboys improve last year’s record (6-10).