James Connor is optimistic about the strength of the Cardinals’ running back lineup

Running back James Conner (James Conner) previously played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and had some brilliant results in three years. He joined the Arizona Cardinals this offseason and will contribute to the Cardinals’ ground offense with Chase Edmonds.

In a recent interview, Connor praised his teammate Edmonds for his ability to rush and catch the ball, saying that the combination of the two should not be underestimated.

“I think the two of us can be one of the best (combinations) in the league.” Connor said, “He has been waiting for an opportunity… to show more opportunities. I know he is eager to show his ability, and so am I. The two of us plus K-1 (quarterback Kyler Murray), outside offensive weapons, inside strikers, tackles, everyone together. Opportunities await us. Chase and I will help each other to keep the offense go ahead.”

Connor’s performance with the Steelers last season has declined compared to before, 169 rushing for 721 yards and 6 touchdowns. Edmunds proved his explosive power and durability last year.

The Cardinals did not choose a running back in this year’s draft. They chose to trust the combination of Edmunds and Connor.