NFL to adjust playoff overtime rules

On Tuesday, NFL owners voted to approve a rule change for overtime: During the playoffs, each team will get one possession of the ball.

The regular season overtime rules will remain the same: if the team with the ball first gets a touchdown, that team wins.

Most of the members of this vote tend to support some adjustments to the overtime rules. In the previous playoffs, the Chiefs and the Bills had a tight score, but in the end, the Chiefs won the coin guess in overtime, and the touchdown won the final victory. This has also caused many fans to be dissatisfied with the rules.

If both teams score touchdowns after possession of the ball, the sudden death rule applies for the remainder of the overtime period.

According to statistics, since the death of the existing overtime rule in 2012, the data during the regular season has been relatively average: 50% of the teams who won the coin guess won the final victory. But of the 12 playoff games, seven were decided by the first possession, and 10 were won by the coin-guessing team.