Panthers offensive coordinator says Darnold will be starting jerseys cheap

Panthers offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo said in an interview Tuesday that Sam Darnold will be the starting quarterback next season.

McAdoo later added that coach Matt Rhule has the final say, but the way the team works right now is premised on starting Darnold. Continue reading Panthers offensive coordinator says Darnold will be starting jerseys cheap

Cardinals sign wide receiver A.J. Green to one-year deal

The Cardinals signed veteran wide receiver A.J. Green to a one-year deal, NFL Network reporters reported Thursday. Green had 54 catches for the Cardinals last season for 848 yards and three touchdowns.

Green was only the No. 2 wide receiver for the Cardinals because of DeAndre Hopkins, but he quickly showed his value. With the departure of Christian Kirk, the Cardinals need to ensure they retain a solid wide receiver, and Green fits the bill and is already familiar with the Cardinals’ offense.

In addition to Hopkins and Green, the Cardinals’ wide receiver lineup also includes Rondale Moore and Antoine Wesley. However, who is passing the ball for them is somewhat uncertain. According to NFL Network reporters, Kyler Murray will not play for the Cardinals until he is awarded a new contract.

Green first played for the Bengals and played in 127 games, contributing 649 catches for Cincinnati for 9,430 yards and 65 touchdowns. He joined the Cardinals in the 2021 offseason on a one-year, $6 million contract.

Ravens sign defensive end Carles Campbell to 2-year deal

The Ravens announced on Saturday that they have signed defensive end Calais Campbell to a two-year deal.

According to NFL Network reporters, the total salary is $12.5 million, including an additional $4 million in incentive bonus provisions.

This will also be the 15th year in the league for the 35-year-old Campbell, who briefly considered retiring but saw the Rams win a title that reignited the fight. Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and safety Tony Jefferson II welcomed Campbell on Twitter.

Campbell has been selected to the Pro Bowl six times, and the rushing pass was once his proud propaganda word. Over the past two years, though, Campbell has focused more on running defense, but still managed 4.5 sacks in that span. So far in his career, Campbell has completed 773 tackles and 93.5 sacks.

Saints sign P.J. Williams, Jarrell Johnson

According to NFL Network reporters, the Saints will re-sign veteran defensive back P.J. Williams for one year and former Texans defensive lineman Jaleel Johnson to a one-year deal.

Williams was the Saints’ third-round pick in 2015. After the rookie contract expired, he has been staying with the team for a short one-year contract. Williams’ performance last season was arguably the best of his career: 2 sacks, 3 interceptions, including a return for a touchdown. Not counting the rookie season he missed due to injury, in his six-year career, Williams completed a total of 8 interceptions and 2 interceptions and returned for touchdowns.

The Saints’ second-tier lineup has changed a lot this season, with Marcus Williams leaving to join the Ravens and Malcolm Jenkins retiring. They were replaced by Marcus Maye and Daniel Sorensen.

Johnson, a fourth-round pick for the Vikings in 2017, played in 12 games for the Texans last season, hitting a quarterback once but not getting a sack. He’ll likely be part of the rotation with the Saints.

NFL to adjust playoff overtime rules

On Tuesday, NFL owners voted to approve a rule change for overtime: During the playoffs, each team will get one possession of the ball.

The regular season overtime rules will remain the same: if the team with the ball first gets a touchdown, that team wins.

Most of the members of this vote tend to support some adjustments to the overtime rules. In the previous playoffs, the Chiefs and the Bills had a tight score, but in the end, the Chiefs won the coin guess in overtime, and the touchdown won the final victory. This has also caused many fans to be dissatisfied with the rules.

If both teams score touchdowns after possession of the ball, the sudden death rule applies for the remainder of the overtime period.

According to statistics, since the death of the existing overtime rule in 2012, the data during the regular season has been relatively average: 50% of the teams who won the coin guess won the final victory. But of the 12 playoff games, seven were decided by the first possession, and 10 were won by the coin-guessing team.