Patrick Mahomes: Ready to compete for the Super Bowl

After undergoing toe surgery, Patrick Mahomes participated in the Chiefs’ off-season training program, indirectly indicating that he is expected to return to full health before the opening game of the regular season cheap nfl jerseys online.

When participating in the golf tournament this week, Mahomes reiterated that he has returned to health.

Mahomes told reporters: “My toes feel great. I can already play golf… I have tried running, changing directions, jumping, passing, everything. I am looking forward to returning to training. Camp, get ready, and strive to win the Super Bowl again this year.”

The Chiefs have reached the Super Bowl in the previous two seasons and won the final 2020 season, but lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season.

“The difference is that there is no parade and so on.” Mahomes said, “But I think one of the beauty of the NFL is that you have to start from scratch every year…. Try to reach the final grand event and win. For us In terms of winning or losing the past two Super Bowls, our spirit is the same: starting from the beginning, building success, and striving to enter the Super Bowl.”