Pirates signs contract with veteran running back Levien Bell

US time on Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, the Pirates running back Leonard Fournette (Leonard Fournette) is likely to be added to the injury reserve list and will be absent from the rest of the regular season.

Fournett is expected to return during the playoffs. To fill the vacancy, the Buccaneers will sign with veteran running back Le’Veon Bell and let him serve as a substitute for Ronald Jones.

Bell is 29 years old and was selected to the best team at his peak. Recently, Bell played for the Ravens, played 5 games, rushed 31 times, advanced 83 yards, and 2 touchdowns.

As third-speed running back Giovani Bernard (Giovani Bernard) was also added to the injury reserve list after knee and hip injuries, the Pirates only left Jones and second-year running back Kisho in the game against the Saints. Ke’Shawn Vaughn is available. Jones is not good at catching the ball, and Vaughan has limited experience.

In the absence of Fournett, the Pirates finally let Jones rush the ball 8 times for 63 yards, and Vaughan rushed the ball 3 times for 19 yards.