Taelan Matthew wants to play for the Chiefs until retirement

In an interview on Thursday, US time, Chiefs security guard Tyrann Mathieu (Tyrann Mathieu) said that his current priority is to play for the Chiefs until the end of his career.

Matthew said: “This is all I want. I think I can play anywhere, but when I develop good relationships with people here, they become part of my life.”

Matthew joined the Chiefs in 2019 and is an indispensable member of the Chiefs to win the 50th Super Bowl. Earlier, Matthew mentioned his good relationship with four coaches including Andy Reid: “They are all important to me. I can’t imagine myself abandoning these relationships. I have experienced too much in my life. Many, so being able to maintain a certain friendship is more important than money.”

Matthew had previously expressed a negative attitude towards the contract renewal on social media, but all this disappeared again on Thursday.

“I look forward to continuing to be a member of the Chiefs, helping young second-tier and wide receivers grow, and helping anyone I can help…. I can’t imagine myself wearing other jerseys. The fans here are great, and my teammates It’s great. You’ve heard me tell you about the relationship between the coach and me. These things can’t be bought anywhere else. I used to have to’restart’ many times, but I’m willing to stay here forever.”