Tight end Kelsey was not happy with the Chiefs last season

Travis Kelce had an impressive record last season, catching 105 times, advancing 1,416 yards to set a league record, and 11 touchdowns at the same time-these three statistics are all career bests.

Although Kelsey became the first close end to receive over 1,000 yards in five consecutive seasons, he and the Chiefs failed to defend their title and lost the Lombardi Cup to the Buccaneers led by Tom Brady.

It is precisely because of this unsatisfactory ending that Kelsey was dissatisfied with last season’s performance: “It’s meaningless not to get the ring. If I can already sit on the sofa and appreciate the young people chasing records, then these cheers and The applause may be good. But now, these have no meaning. To be honest, last year was a failure for me. That’s it. This is what I think in my heart. I am this kind of player, if we fail to win the Super Bowl, this The season is not a success.”

Fortunately, the chiefs still have enough strength to compete for the title. Although Kelsey’s standards are very strict, if the Chiefs’ current core lineup is stable, winning the championship again is not a fool.