Vikings running back Darwin Cooke dislocated shoulder

US time Monday, according to ESPN reporters, Vikings running back Dalvin Cook (Dalvin Cook) dislocated his shoulder in Sunday’s loss to the 49ers.

The team is still not sure how long Cook will be absent. If the time exceeds three weeks, the team may add Cooke to the injury reserve list.

Cook was injured in the third quarter of the game, was driven off the field by a medical vehicle, and missed the next game. He was tackled by defensive tackle Kevin Givens (Kevin Givens) and fell to the ground, and immediately grabbed his chest with his right hand. When the medical staff dealt with Cook urgently, the players of the Vikings and the 49ers were kneeling on one knee beside them, praying for them.

Before leaving the field, Cook rushed the ball 10 times for 39 yards, and also completed 6 catches for 64 yards. Substitute running back Alexander-Madison (Alexander Mattison) played after the game.